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But they that wait upon the LORD
shall renew their strength;
they shall mount up with wings as eagles;
they shall run, and not be weary;
and they shall walk, and not faint.
Isaiah 40:31

My name is Jerry (Gerald) Bouey. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour on November 13th, 1992 and am a committed Christian. I am a member of an Independent, Fundamental Baptist church in Abbotsford , BC named Central Valley Baptist Church. (When this website was created, I was a member of an IFB church in Kelowna, BC, named People’s Baptist Church, which closed its doors at the beginning of 2021.) This site stands solely on the King James Bible and the preserved underlying texts (ie. the Hebrew Masoretic Text and the Greek Textus Receptus). The Bible is my sole authority in life and practice.

2 Timothy 3:16-17 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.

My goal for Eagle’s Wings Ministries is for it to be a site for Biblically-based studies and devotions, to strengthen and build up Christians, as well as be a witness to those who don’t yet know Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. There are studies here that will challenge you to walk closer to the Lord, devotionals that will strengthen your faith and exhort you to claim and live by Bible promises and principles, and there are studies that help clear up some of the doctrinal confusion that many are faced with day by day in their walk with the Lord.

Many studies on this website were written by me, but I have also included more studies by other men of God. Please check out my other blogs listed below for many other studies and articles, as well as godly, Bible-based poetry.

Table Of Contents

If you read only one article on this website, please let this be it:
God’s Simple Plan of Salvation
It concerns the most important decision you will ever make in your life!
Don’t let this opportunity to be saved pass you by.

All studies and devotionals on this site are based on the King James Bible.

Doctrinal Statement – (The basics of what we believe)
My Christian poetry site, Home Of The Real McCoy.
My first poetry book called Refuge In The Storms Of Life (with Foreward and links to each poem/study)

You can view this whole book as one continuous page by clicking here:

Refuge In The Storms Of Life page

My second poetry book, The Seasons Of Your Pilgrimage.

For ebook/PDFs, click on the links below to download the zip files, which you just need to unzip in your Downloads folder:

Refuge In The Storms Of Life PDF  (My first poetry book)

The Seasons Of Your Pilgrimage PDF   (My second poetry book) Updated December 2023

Poems And Promises PDF  (a booklet put together recently, including encouraging poems and short devotionals)

Comfort ye, comfort ye My people, saith your God.
Isaiah 40:1

Sayings by Jerry Bouey:



Fervency is the fire on the altar of your heart that burns the incense of prayer and sends the sweet-smelling savour up to God.

The Final Proof of our Love is in the Faithful Pattern of our Living.

Jerry’s Blogs:

For even more studies and devotionals (anything written or posted by me after 2006): Buy The Truth
Proverbs 23:23 Buy the truth, and sell it not; also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding.

For sermon outlines (for the devotionals that I preached at Kelowna Gospel Mission), simple word studies, and short devotionals by me that may bless you, please visit:
A Shadow Of Things To Come

For more solid Christian articles by other sound men of God, see Faithful Men Of God

For poems by myself and others: Songs In The Night
Job 35:10 But none saith, Where is God my maker, who giveth songs in the night.

My original poetry site, containing mostly poetry by me, as well as some poems written by others that were included in my poetry books, or the audio of poems that I read in church:
Home Of The Real McCoy

The Substance Of Things Hoped For (Faith-based Stories and Illustrations)

Just A Closer Walk With You (Daily Devotionals And Poems)

Here is the link to a new blog I have put together that contains The Psalms Of David In Metre by Isaac Watts and The Psalms Of David In Metre by the Church of Scotland. They will contain other Scriptural passages in Metre by Isaac Watts when I am able to add them.


Jerry’s Testimonies:

My Personal Testimony (How I became a Christian)
My Victory Over Depression/Winning The Battle (Update)
Provoke Not Your Children (Overcoming past abuse)
Our Mom’s Victory Through Faith (Eulogy)
God’s Grace In Our Trials (Dealing with the loss of my Mom)

Devotions And Studies by Jerry Bouey:


For A Searching Heart (What The Bible Says About Salvation):

An Honest Doubter
Cities of Refuge
Who Is A Child Of God?
Is Your Name Written Down?
Three Appointments
The Simplicity Of Salvation
The Reasons Why Jesus Came
Have You Any Room For Jesus?
Not Ashamed
Heart Disease
Six Things The Lord Opened
What Is Man?
Render Unto God
Abba, Father
What Is Written On Your Record?


Two Part Study On Rest:

And I Will Give You Rest(The Rest Of Salvation)
Rest For Your Souls(The Rest Of Victory In Christ)


For A Closer Walk With The Lord:

The Giver, Or The Gifts?
Leaning On The Lord
Secrets Of The Lord
Is God Limited By Our Past?
In Thy Hands
Have You Been With Jesus?
I Will Trust In Thee
No Never! – A New Testament Word Study
My Hiding Place (Psalm 32)
Romans 8:1 – Now No Condemnation
Romans 8 – God Is For Us
Arise, And Come Away (Song 2:13-17) – includes audio of sermon preached in 2023
What Is Your Response To The Word Of God?
The Fountain Of Living Waters
Sinking In The Mire
How Much Do You Value God’s Word?
All Our Tomorrows (Psalm 139:1-12)
The Lord Thinketh Upon Me (Psalm 139:13-18)
Conquering The Canaanites In Your Life


General Studies by Jerry Bouey:

Bible Versions: Does It Matter?
The Cost Of Losing Our Separation
1 Corinthians 13:12 – (spiritual gifts/tongues)


Salvation By Grace Through Faith
Commentary on Romans 1-5:



The Seven Churches of Revelation 2-3:

Revelation Chapter One – An Overview
Ephesus: The Backslidden (Loveless) Church
Smyrna: The (Persecuted) Suffering Church
Laodicea: The Lukewarm Church


For Service And Soulwinning:

Are You Ready, Willing, And Able?
No Man Cared For My Soul
Always Abounding In The Work Of The Lord


Studies On The Furnace Of Affliction:

Part One – As Silver is Tried
Part Two – Come Forth As Gold


Lessons In The Valleys:

The Valley Of Trouble
The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death – Part One
The Lily Of The Valleys


The Story Of Four Gardens:

Three Avenues Of Temptation
The Garden Of Eden
The Garden Of Gethsemane
The Garden With The Empty Tomb
Paradise, The Garden Of Eternity


The Twelve Apostles:

#1 Simon The Zealot
#2 Bold And Rash Peter
#3 Thomas The Doubter
#4 Jesus Loved Them To The End


On The Armour Of God:

The Armour of God
Is Your Armour On? includes audio of sermon preached in 2023
The Armour Of Light


Jesus In The Old Testament Scriptures: (Pictured in the Types):

Cities of Refuge
The Sabbath – (And I Will Give You Rest)
The Rock of Horeb
Abraham Offered Isaac (Genesis 22)
Leprosy And Its Cure (Lev. 13-14)
Jesus – The Sinner’s Surety


Lessons From The Life Of Jacob:

Jacob, The Plain Man


Daily Devotionals by Jerry:

From July 2004 to October 2006, I posted and emailed out Daily Devotionals on my mailing list, by myself and by many other authors. Due to the everchanging nature of the internet, many external links no longer work. I have chosen not to repost those monthly pages here, but will repost the individual devotionals I have personally written below (some of the links may take you to my other blog, Buy The Truth, if I have already reposted them there in the past). During these months, I also posted many full length studies – too many to mention here – but all those ones are already posted on Buy The Truth.

July and August 2004:

The Song Of The Altar – July 26th
The Fire On The Altar – July 29th
At The Feet Of Jesus – August 11th
The Lord Is Able – August 13th
Job’s Lessons In Trust: Times Of Testing – August 19th
Be Ye Transformed (Romans 12:2) – August 29th

September 2004:

Psalm 107 – Part One – September 1st
Psalm 107 – Part Two – September 2nd
Blessed Contrasts In Scripture – September 11th
For A Season – September 14th
Some Sevens In Scripture – September 28th
More Sevens In Scripture – September 29th

October 2004:

Praise God – October 11th
Of How Much More Value Are We? – October 26th

November 2004:

Like A Tree – November 4th

December 2004:

Some Thoughts On Martyrdom – December 21st

January 2005:

Since Yesterday/An Unexpected Influence – January 22nd&23rd (Added to God’s Grace In Our Trials)

March 2005:

Eight Reasons Why Jesus’ Resurrection Is Important – March 27th

April 2005:

The Touch Of Faith – April 5th

May 2005:

Psalms 42-43 – May 27th

June 2005:

What Jesus Takes Great Joy In – June 16th

August 2005:

When Life Doesn’t Go As You Planned (Story Of Joseph) – August 6th
My Comments On The Brazen Laver – August 10th
What God Cannot Do – August 16th

September 2005:

Will We Know Our Loved Ones In Heaven?

October 2005:

A One-Time Dedication Or Dying Daily? – October 15th

December 2005:

It Is Well With My Soul – December 9th
The Meaning Of Christmas – December 16th

January 2006:

My Strength – January 12th
The Bible Is Its Own Commentary – January 15th
A Type Pictured In Revelation Four – January 21st
What God Wrote – January 30th

February 2006:

Seven Benefits Of Faith In Christ – Romans 5:1-11 – February 5th
What The Genealogy In Genesis Five Pictures – February 12th
Sevens In The Book Of Revelation – February 25th

March 2006:

Why I Am An Ambassador For Christ – March 4th
Running The Race Of The Christian Life – March 18th


General Studies by Others:

On The Word Of God And The King James Bible:

King James Bible Preface
Ten Reasons Why I Believe The Bible Is The Word Of God – by R.A. Torrey
Principles Of Bible Preservation – by Jack Moorman
How I Know The King James Bible Is The Word Of God – by James Melton
Myth Of Early Revisions – by David Reagan
What About Those Printing Errors In The 1611 Holy Bible? – by Will Kinney
Christian Universities Anthem – by Timothy D. Fellows, Jr.
Regarding The KJV Issue – by Jim Oakley
The Comfort Of The Scriptures – by T.T. Shields
7 Reasons Why I Believe The Bible Is The Word Of God – by Ian Paisley
NIV Bible Test

On Soulwinning:

A Christian’s Purpose – by Dr. Len G. Broughton

Other Topics:

The Pilgrim Wrestling With The Lord – by F.B. Meyer
The Deity Of Christ – Which Jesus?
50 Reasons Why A Saved Person Can Never Be Lost – by Timothy Morton
Scriptural Tests For Modern Dilemmas
The Most Spiritual Churches In America – by Danny Vanhoose
The Lord’s Deputy – by Tim Fisher
Is It Right To Judge? – by E.L. Bynum
Bunyan’s Computer – by Buddy Smith
Theological Dinosaurs – by Buddy Smith
Grace Displaced – by Buddy Smith
Bring The Books – by Buddy Smith

Acts 8:26-40 (2005 Version) – by Buddy Smith
The Stepchildren Of The Churches? – by Buddy Smith

A Scriptural Look At Spiritual Gifts:

1 Corinthians 13:12 – by Jerry Bouey
Tongues – To Speak Or Not To Speak (1 Corinthians 14) – by Dennis Corle

Sermons By Others:

Have You Knelt At Gethsemane? – by David Garner
Lost Sheep – by Dewitt Talmage

Sermons By Charles Spurgeon:

Christ Our Passover
Bread Enough And To Spare
Our Leader Through The Darkness
A Sermon For The Time Present
Mr. Moody’s Text
My Times Are In Thy Hand
The First Day Of Creation
Whither Goest Thou?
Their Desired Haven
Discipline In Christ’s Army

Excellent Books To Read:

A Dreamer And His Wonderful Dream(The Story Of John Bunyan And His Pilgrim’s Progress) – by Alfred P. Gibbs

The Companion Of The Way – by H.C. Hewlett (all chapters posted)
You can also download this book as a free Swordsearcher module here: The Companion Of The Way Swordsearcher Module

Union And Communion – Commentary by Hudson Taylor on Song of Solomon (all chapters posted)
Download this book as a free Swordsearcher module here: Union And Communion Swordsearcher Module

Till He Come – a book by Spurgeon containing devotional messages preached at the Lord’s Supper:
Mysterious Visits (Ch. 1)
Under His Shadow (Ch. 2)
I Will Give You Rest (Ch. 12)
Real Contact With Christ (Ch. 15)

Note on website when originally created:

I am a member of a good, solid, New Testament, Bible believing church in Kelowna, B.C. where I attend regularly. It is called People’s Baptist Church. It is an Independent, Fundamental Baptist church that preaches and teaches from the King James Bible and doesn’t explain it away. Here there are Christians that actually want to live for the Lord Jesus Christ and not just pay lip service to Him and His Word. I have been learning so much lately from God’s Word and from solid Bible studies that I am amazed. No more pablum from the NASV, when I can digest this solid food from the King James Bible! It is such a relief to know that what I am reading is the truth, and nothing but the truth! I don’t have to depend on my own personal whim (or the marginal notes of a lukewarm version, or the myriad opinions of clergy and scholars) to determine what God really said (and is still saying today to those who will heed His voice and not harden their hearts).

Personal Disclaimer:

I know that a lot of what I have to say will not be popular, but everything I do say is based on all my personal study of God’s Holy Word and holding everything up to the light of that Word. I do not explain away passages or try to twist God’s Word to fit my personal biases – I don’t believe that God’s Word is malleable – in the sense that we can take any Bible passage 1000 different ways. God meant what He said and He said what He meant. God said it and that settles it! Someone could choose to teach lies, but that’s from (a) twisting the Word to their own destruction, or (b) using a corrupted version because they can’t handle the pure Words of the Lord.

I am sharing what the Scriptures say and my personal convictions and thoughts on certain subjects. I am sharing what I believe in these studies and articles, but I make no claims to being inerrant – only God is, and His Word (in English, God’s inerrant Word is the King James Bible). If you, the reader, come across anything on my website that you believe is inaccurate or wrong based on your studies of the KJB, then please share your conclusions with me. You will find that I am teachable and I will change my mind on areas where I am proved wrong. BUT I will only change my mind on any given doctrine/subject if your conclusion takes into account all the Scripture dealing with that issue. Not one or two verses ripped out of context. If you find that any of my conclusions are overlooking other verses or passages that contradict my conclusions, let me know. My email address is below.

I make no apologies for what is on my website. The truth is a stumbling block to the unbeliever or carnal Christian. Jesus Himself is a stone of stumbling and a rock of offence to those who reject Him. (1 Peter 2:8) I will not be guilty of being a man-pleaser and removing the offence of the cross. I will do my best not to be personally offensive, but if the truth of God’s Holy Word offends, then let it be so! Maybe whomever it offends will realize that all their lives they were held captive to the devil and will come to a knowledge of the truth and be saved. If your lifestyle and beliefs are never put under subjection to the Word of God and the conviction of the Holy Spirit, how then can you repent of your sins and trust Jesus Christ, the Son of God and our only Saviour, for the salvation you so desperately need if you ever hope to attain to eternal life. Eternal life is knowing God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour. (See John 17:3 and 1 John 5:20) It is a relationship, not a religion.

For those who have read my essay on Bible Versions and may desire a list of references (bibliography and source for quotes), unfortunately I don’t have one prepared that lists all my primary sources. I didn’t keep track of all my sources when I wrote the essay because originally it was just a letter I was writing to a friend of mine. The Lord impressed upon me the desire to share my research and personal study in this area with others. I can email anyone that is interested a list of some of the books I have found the most useful in researching this issue. (My study, Bible Versions: Does It Matter?, was probably the earliest study I wrote as a believer and put online – not counting outlines, etc. for Bible study groups. At this point in time, I will not be rewriting it, but you can use it as a springboard for further study.)

Much valuable information on various aspects of the Bible Versions issue can be gathered from David Cloud’s website: Way Of Life Literature. All the information on my essay has been confirmed and modified based on information David Cloud has located on his site or has directly linked to. He thoroughly covers everything from preservation, to the history of the various texts, to translators, as well as in-depth looks at some of the changes in the newer versions. David Cloud’s site also links to many sound sites that can give you further information on this issue.

NOTE: David Cloud was not one of my primary sources for putting my essay together, but I have since found all the same sound information that I came across covered in his many well-researched articles. I highly recommend his website as a starting place for research on this subject.